Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management (Spring)(2 Years) (March 2020)

Course code: ADM 5263

**This Programme is recognized by University of Derby.
**This Programme is recognized by Switzerland and United Kingdom University and graduates can articulate to the final year of undergraduate degree programme.

Programme Duration:

  • Year 1: 2nd March to 17th July, 2020 
  • Year 2: 1st March to 16th July, 2021


  • This is an intensive 4.5 month programme from March to July which lasts for 2 years. The Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management is designed to provide those who are preparing to enter the Hotel Culinary industry with critical awareness of the Menu Studies, Food & Beverage Service Operations, General Kitchen and Kitchen Management, etc. This programme enables individuals to investigate global, regional and local perspectives on Hotel Culinary Arts Management and to enhance their skills and knowledge with practical kitchen experience. Students who have relevant full time job can be exempted from industrial training.

Course Structure:

Year 1
  1. Food Safety and Occupational Safety and Health
    • Food Safety Regulations
    • Risk Management
  2. General Kitchen Operations*
    • Kitchen Operations & Supervision
    • Food Processing
    • Fundamentals of Culinary
  3. Bakery and Pastry 1*
    • Baking Methods
    • Bread and Pastries
  4. Food and Beverage Service Operations 1*
    • Food & Beverage Management
    • Food & Beverage Service
  5. Communication and Report Writing Skills
    • Communication Methods
    • Different Report Writing Skills
  6. Hospitality Sector
    • Quality Customer Service
    • Hotel Operations
  7. Gastronomy
    • Fashionable Garde Manger
    • Creative Western Cuisine
    • Amazing Delicacies
  8. Purchasing Management & Cost Control
    • Purchasing Management
    • Food Cost Control
  9. Menu Studies
    • Menu Planning
    • Menu Design
  10. Catering Theory and Food Preparation
    • Cookery Terms
    • Food Products
  11. Essential skills*
    • Basic Kinife Skills
    • Tossing Technique
  12. International Gastronomy Menu
    • Culture and Gastronomy
    • European Cuisine
    • American Cuisine

* Kitchen Lesson

Year 2
  1. Bakery and Pastry 2 (Professional Bakery and Pastry)*
    • Bread, Cake and Western Delicacies Baking Techniques
    • Professional Dessert Making
  2. Food and Beverage Service Operations 2*
    • Restaurant Operations and Supervision
    • Food and Beverage Business Regulations
  3. Kitchen Management
    • Role of Chef
    • Supervisory Skills
  4. Food and Beverage Pairing
    • Wine & Spirits
    • Pairing for Food & Beverage
  5. Hospitality Human Resource Management
    • Human Resource Planning
    • Job Analysis
  6. Hospitality Marketing
    • Marketing Process
    • Marketing Mix
  7. Culinary Business Analysis
    • Developing a Business Startup Plan
    • Business Startup Strategies
  8. Industrial Training
    • Students who have relevant full time job can be exempted from industrial training. They must submit the reference letter to the academy. Students who have no relevant working experience will be arranged in hotels from September to January and take up their industrial training.

* Kitchen Lesson

Medium of Instruction: English (supplemented with Cantonese)

Tuition Fee:

  • $46,700 per year
  • Miscellaneous Fee:
    • Year 1: ​HK$4000 (Includes Chef Uniform x 2, Apron x 1, Plaid Pants x 1, 1 set of Cutlery & Utensils, Insurances, Notes, Recipes & Ingredients)
    • Year 2: ​HK$4000 (Includes Registration, Notes, Ingredients, Food to take home, Insurances)

Entry Requirements:

  • Completion of Secondary 5 with grade E in HKCEE English (Syllabus B) or grade C in English (Syllabus A) or 4.5 in IELTS exam; or
  • Completion of Secondary 6 with Level 2 in the HKDSE English Exam or 4.5 in IELTS exam; or
  • For PRC National Examination: 90 or above in English; and
  • Pass in admission interview.
  • Visa requirement: does not apply.
  • Remark: For applicants who do not obtain grade E in HKCEE English (Syllabus B) or grade C in English (Syllabus A) or Level 2 in the HKDSE English Exam or 4.5 in IELTS exam, applicants must pass an English comprehension test on listening and reading to proceed to admission interview.


  • The Academy has a team of professional European and American tutors to provide professional training for students.

Award & Assessment:

  • Upon completion of all the modules successfully, students will receive an Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management from Hong Kong Culinary Academy.
  • Achieve 90% attendance or above in each Module
  • Each module must achieve 50% in average of all related assessment tasks (do not include the industrial training)
  • For those who do not meet the English Language Entry Requirement (DSE English Language Level 2 or IELTS level 4.5), they have to attend the mandatory Remedial English Course must pass before graduation.

Further Studies:

  • Students can also entry into the final year of a degree programme in Switzerland or UK, Derby University

**This Programme is recognized by University of Derby.


  • Web Application Form or apply in person.
  • Application Fee: HK$200
  • Interview can be arranged for overseas student through Skype.

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This programme has not gone through the accreditation process by HKCAAVQ

**This Programme is recognized by University of Derby.

**This Programme is also recognized by B.H.M.S.

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