For Policy

Summer make-up class

Students who do not meet the 90% attendance requirement in the programme must attend the make-up class in summer. Upon completion of the summer make-up class, students will attain 20% of overall attendance. Students need to pay 1 month school fees (i.e. HK$8,300) for the make-up class.

Any student who is below the 70% attendance is unable to attend the summer make-up class.

Refund Policy


Withdrawal with 5 working days notification

Refund 80% of the instalment paid


Withdrawal with less than 5 working days notification

Refund 30% of the instalment paid


Refund through TT payment into foreign bank handling and TT charges



Termination from HKCA except damaged caused from students

Refund proportionally (according to the number of lessons attended)

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