Traditional British Cookery
Course code: BRTISH
Courses: Traditional British Cookery
Fees: HKD 6600
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Course code: BRTISH



  • HK$6,600


  • We will focus on dishes from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Over the 6 weeks you will learn the fundamentals of British cooking and cook dishes such as the classic Sunday roast, Scotched eggs, Steak and Ale Pie, Welsh rarebit, Sticky toffee pudding, Shepard’s pie and of course Fish and Chips.


Lesson (1) - Scotland
  • Smoked salmon and rocket roll - with a Lemon and dill cream cheese filling
  • Cranachan – Toasted Scottish Oats in whipped cream with raspberries and whiskey
  • Kedgeree – Spiced rice dish with smoked haddock
Lesson (2) - England
  • Steak and Ale Pie – Beef chunks cooked in an ale gravy served with pickled red cabbage
  • Sticky toffee Pudding with vanilla custard – A date pudding with a rich toffee sauce
Lesson (3) - Northern Ireland
  • Stout Braised sausages in a rich onion gravy
  • Colcannon mash potato – creamy potatoes with scallions, bacon and cabbage
  • Fruit Soda Bread – Yeast free bread with currants and raisins
Lesson (4) - Wales
  • Welsh Rarebit – Rich and velvety cheese sauce on toast served with worstershire sauce
  • Sheppard’s Pie - Lamb Shoulder cooked in a rich sauce topped with crushed potatoes
  • Welsh Cakes – Sweet griddled Lard cake with sultanas
Lesson (5) - England
  • Scotched egg – Sausage meat encrusted egg with a crispy coasting
  • Broad bean Salad – Broad bean and beetroot salad
  • Fish and chips – Battered fish, Triple cooked chips and a pea puree
Lesson (6) - Isle of Man
  • Manx Sunday roast. – (homage to my mother)
  • Pork Belly braised in cider with cracking, carrot and turnip puree, roasted potatoes, sour apple sauce and buttered cabbage
  • Queenies – Queen scallops cooked in garlic parsley sauce

Course Arrangement: 3 hours per lesson, total 6 lessons.

Medium of Instruction: English

Maximum no: 16 (working in groups of 2.)


Make-up: This course do not provide make-up classes.


  • Students who achieve a minimum attendance of 75% may apply for "Attendance Certificate in Traditional British Cookery".  Award will be issued within 3 months.


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